hello videogame fans this page is for skyrim

okay so skyrim fans i have a quick question, have you ever been mad at a part that you just can't beat take the valthume expedition where you go and fight the dragon priest hevnoorack or whatever so if you want to beat it easily here is a way to do it i am telling you you need a few things first the ritual stone power werewolf form and one of the three cloak spells flame cloak frost cloak or lightning cloak now what you do is go through the burial crypt and if you are a high level you will find lots of draugr scourge's so what you have to do is kill them somehow then use the ritual stone power to ressurect them once you have done that you resch the final place where there is a deathlord kill it use the ritual stone and you will have an army of shouting killing draugr then when you get to the dragon priest fight activate one of your cloak spells then go into werewolf form and you have a cloaked werewolf with shouting bodygaurds if they die either go into god mode or wait 24 hours

a page with ragdolling your player

click this too see a video about a secret dragon priest mask! click this for a secret area
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